WordPress #1 Content Management System for Websites

learn-wordpressWordPress is a content management system for websites. Currently 25% of the world’s websites are powered by WordPress.

Edit and Add Content Yourself

Once your website is created in WordPress, you can easily make changes and updates yourself. Everything from writing a news article, to uploading a new photo, to changing a price, to adding a product to your shop can be done quickly and easily through the one administration panel.

You don’t need any special software to login and make your changes, just an internet connection. WordPress is also open source so it is free to use and as there are hundreds of people contributing to it, it continues to improve. It can be updated to include any new technology built into a new version with the click of a button.

Make Your Content Work for You

WordPress has 2 different systems for organising your content.

  1. Pages – these are for your base information which doesn’t change much. Pages like About Us, Services etc
  2. Posts – these are organised and displayed by category and date published. They are for information which is added to your website regularly like news, articles, workshops etc


Your posts form an RSS feed which gives you a huge advantage when spreading and promoting your content and your website.

  • You can link your feed to an email newsletter so your new posts are automatically sent to a list of subscribers inside a branded email newsletter.
  • You can automatically display new content from your feed on your various social pages such Linkedin or facebook
  • Your post sits on your website pulling in website traffic for ever

Design Flexibility with Themes

There are hundreds of themes which when added to a WordPress website will totally change the way your site looks. These can be customised or custom built to suit your design needs.

We use the Genesis framework with a child theme. Find out more about why Genesis is so fantastic…

You Can Build in Stages with Plugins

WordPress is highly customisable and works seamlessly with hundreds of plugins which you can add to your website at any stage:

  • Online shops (E-Commerce)
  • Email newsletters
  • Event calendars
  • Member only functionality
  • Online forms
  • Photo galleries
  • Media libraries

Plugins are all managed inside the WordPress admin so you still only need to login to the one place.

Future Proof

Mobile friendly – By using a mobile responsive WordPress theme, you can make sure your website can be easily viewed on any type or size of mobile device such as an iPhone, Android Tablet etc.

One Click Upgrades – WordPress is constantly improving in terms of security, ease of use and technology so you will never be left behind or unable to use new technology as long as you keep your software and plugins up to date. This is done with one click from inside your website’s admin.

Search Engine Optimised

WordPress allows you to set a user-friendly page name (permalink) for each page (rather than a series of numbers or characters so each page or post is easily indexed by search engines.

Each page and post includes an SEO section where you can add your own meta titles and descriptions for Google. More about WordPress SEO…

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