Weekly Website Analytics

website analytics weekly reportDo you have trouble remembering to login to Google Analytics each week or struggle to find the right sections to get the information you need?

“Business owners who keep an eye on their website analytics have a much better overview of how well their website and digital marketing is working.”

I recommend creating a custom dashboard containing all the information relevant to your business and digital marketing activities, then setting it up to email to you once a week as a pdf file. Your dashboard will summarise who is visiting your website, how they are getting there, what they are looking at and a lot more.

Google Analytics Dashboards

To start with, I would add the following sections (called widgets) to your dashboard. You can have 8 sections per dashboard.


  1. Country of visitors
  2. NZ city of visitors
  3. Desktop vs mobile visitors
  4. New visitors vs returning visitors
  5. Most popular pages
  6. Source of visitors (Google, Direct, Referral, Social)
  7. Social referrals (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest)
  8. Referrals (from other websites)

TIP: You could also add a section or create a new dashboard to show visitors from each of your email newsletters, a section to record goals (visits to key pages such as enquiry page), a section for e-commerce sales, clicks on links to outside websites and a lot more.

Adding Sections to Your Dashboard

Make sure you have the Reports tab selected at the top of the page. You are going to navigate to different reports via the sections on the left hand side of the page and when you get to a report you think is important, you will click on the ‘Add to Dashboard’ button at the top of the page.


  1. Navigate to a section you want to add to your dashboard, then click on the ‘Add to Dashboard’ button at the top of the page.
  2. Select the dashboard you want to add the report to and tick the Table option
  3. You will be redirected to your dashboard and will be able to see the new widget
  4. You can edit each widget to change the title and filters

Website Analytics Email Reports

website analytics email reportNow that you have your dashboard setup, you can email a pdf summary to yourself, your boss, or your client as often as you need it. I would suggest emailing your dashboard containing your most important website statistics automatically each week.

  1. Click on the Email button at the top of the dashboard page
  2. Add the email address you would like your report sent to
  3. Give the email a subject line
  4. Select frequency from the option available
  5. Select the day of the week you would like your report to arrive
  6. Add a note to appear in the body of the email

NOTE: You can only send your dashboard as a pdf but if you email a single report, you have other options for your attachment such as Excel.

Need Help Setting up Your Report?

I can setup an analytics report to email to you once a week. Let me know if there is anything particular you’d like to see in the report?

My standard report includes: country of visitors, NZ City of visitors, desktop vs Mobile, new Visitors vs Returning, Most popular Pages with bounce rates and time spent on page, Source of Visitors (Google, Direct, Referral, Social), Social referrals.

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