Website Personalisation

website personalisationWebsite personalisation is about sending different groups of potential customers to different parts of your website or showing them different versions of your website.

If you are spending time and money on online marketing such as email newsletters, Google Adwords and social media, sending everyone to same generic homepage or exact same content, is a waste of your resources. All your online marketing should send customers to information which is specific to your marketing topic and the market segment they belong in.

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Watch Cara Harshman’s video on website personalisation from last year’s Mozcon Conference.

How it Works…

Personalise your website to show your visitors different images, products and custom messages based on…

  • the region they are accessing your website from
  • the channel they used to get to your website. eg. google, social media etc
  • If they have visited your website before
  • If they are already on your email list
  • If they have already logged in or visited certain pages

You can offer even more customisation if you get them to choose their interest group themselves and create a login.

The big guys like Amazon and NetFlix have been doing this for a while but now you can too. It is this type of personalisation which will convert your website visitors into paying customers.

Ask us for help personalising your website and creating custom content for your customers.

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