Mobile Website Checklist

It’s is very important for your website to work seamlessly on a mobile phone as well as a desktop computer.

“Depending on the industry you are in, over 50% of people visiting your website, could be using a mobile phone.”

Mobile visitors tend to be in more of a hurry, maybe en-route somewhere and often have slower download speeds as well as the obvious smaller screen. The mobile website checklist below outlines my top ten essentials which the mobile version of your website should have…

mobile website design checklist

Mobile Website Checklist

  1. CLICKABLE LOGO – Make sure your logo is clickable and links to your homepage to give visitors an easy way back to home. Your entire logo should be visible at the top of the page.
  2. MOBILE MENU – Include a mobile menu box (also called a hamburger menu) instead of standard menu. This could be beside the logo or directly underneath.
  3. PHONE AT TOP – Put your phone number at the very top as this is often all mobile visitors are looking for. Most mobile phone will be able to click on your phone number to call.
  4. LOCATION – Put your location at the top of the page & include a link to a google map which mobile visitors can use interactively to get to you if they are en-route.
  5. SEARCH BOX – If you have a lot of info on your website, it may be easier for mobile visitors to enter a phrase into the search box than try and navigate via the menu.
  6. BUSINESS DESCRIPTION – Say what you do near the top of the page. You don’t want your visitors to have to look around to figure out if they are in the right place or they will leave.
  7. MORE SPACE – Add more space between sections and links so that they are easy to click on with a finger and not too close to other elements.
  8. LESS WORDS – Use less words, more buttons and images. Especially on your homepage, make sure your visitors can see how to get to important sections quickly.
  9. CALLS TO ACTION – Use call to action buttons at the bottom of pages so people can take action immediately rather than having to navigate to a contact or shop page.
  10. CONTACT FORM – Use a contact form (not just email address) so if visitors don’t have an email program setup on their phone, they can still send an enquiry.

Check out your website on your phone now and make sure you have all of the above covered.

Download our mobile website checklist to take to your next marketing meeting…

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