Top Tips for Writing a Blog

Top Tips for Writing a BlogBlogging is a great way to add more content and more unique key phrases to your website for search engines plus become ‘the expert’ in your field online.

The key to writing a blog successfully apart from well-written, useful content, is to remember that you are writing for both your target audience/customers and for search engines.

Below are a few tips for blogging to ensure that your blog posts add value to your website and your business as a whole.

Keywords in Your Titles

Decide on one key phrase or word for each post you write and include it in the post’s title, content and tags. Think of every post you write as a web page in its own right and an opportunity to get a Google listing under another unique keyword or key phrase. Your titles should also be easy to understand and make people want to click on them to read more. Write titles full of kewords. Eg. “3 Bedroom Waterfront Home in Parua Bay ” instead of “A Taste of Greece Up North.”

Top Paragraph as Summary

The first 2 sentences of your post should summarise what the post will be about so people want to read more. Most websites show the first paragraph of each post written on the homepage and on each category page. In addition to this, email newsletters also show the first 2 sentences of each post and Google shows the first 165 characters of each blog post in their search engine listings. This is often all your target audience will see and your one and only chance to get people to click  through to read the rest of your article.

Write for Your Audience

Think about what potential customers will type when searching for your business. Use their language, not yours. If you’re not sure what to blog about, just think about your customers and what sort of information would be helpful to them. It could be as simple as different uses for your products, instructional videos, how other customers are using your products, tips, advice or the answers to frequently asked questions.

Give Your Blog Personality

Don’t try and make it formal and perfectWhile your website is a mostly information about your company, your blog is a way to give your business a face and a personality. Write in a friendly conversational tone, as if you were talking to a client over the phone or in person. If appropriate, add your own thoughts and suggestions to your posts. Leave advertising and brochure text out – this is not what blogs are for.

Add Photos and Video

Make sure every blog post has some kind of accompanying image. Not only does this make the blog post look better but it will appear with your post summary when shared on social media and therefore make those posts stand out too.

If your business suits it, write a photo or video blog. This means that the bulk of your post is made up of photos or a video but you always include at least one paragraph at the top as a summary and for search engines to use on their search results.

Provide Links & Supporting Info

The internet is all about sharing information and if you don’t tell people how to use your products, the chances are they’ll find their answers on a forum or somewhere else. Make sure you include links to more info, supporting video clips, photos or screen shots if appropriate.

Invite Conversation

Every blog post includes a standard comment form underneath so anyone reading your post can make a comment or ask a question. The trick is to actively encourage your readers to fill in this form by asking them a question. You then approve the comments (if suitable) and reply to them online. The comment and your reply then appear below the post on your blog so others can read them too. You build a conversation around each of your blog posts. Adding social media buttons so0 readers can easily share your posts on Twitter, Facebook etc is also worth doing.

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