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2016 Digital Marketing Trends

Last week I flew 12 hours to Seattle to attend Mozcon, a renowned digital marketing conference with marketing agencies and large businesses from all over the world. There were a few recurring themes I took from the conference which will change the way you use your website and promote your … [Read more...]

Mailchimp Social Cards for Newsletter Sharing

If you send an email newsletter regularly, sharing the newsletter on your various social media pages is a great way to make sure the content is seen by more people. Use Mailchimp Social Cards to make sure your newsletter update tells people what the newsletter is about, giving them a reason to click … [Read more...]

Email Newsletter Content Ideas

Worried you don't have anything interesting enough to put in an email newsletter? The best email newsletter content for your business will be unique to your business. Don't just think about what you sell...think about other things your customers use and like. Become the expert they can … [Read more...]