E-Commerce Articles and WooCommerce Websites

E-Commerce articles to help you build and promote an online shop for your New Zealand business. A bit of e-commerce design inspiration from our web design portfolio.

Secure Your Website with HTTPS

If you've logged in to your website lately to make updates, you may have noticed a message stating that your connection is not secure. If this is happening, your website probably has the standard http in front of the website address. What is HTTPS? Websites with https have an extra layer of … [Read more...]

Guide to Facebook Product Tagging

If you sell products online, the new Facebook product tagging and shop tab options are a fantastic opportunity to grow your online sales. You can now add a shop tab to Facebook with as many products as you like and link each one to the matching product on your website for checkout. People visiting … [Read more...]

E-Commerce Websites

We create e-commerce websites for New Zealand businesses which are easy for visitors to use on any device. You can have a custom designed website with standard pages, a blog, forms, galleries AND an e-commerce shop all in the same place. Your online shop categories and products can be prominent on … [Read more...]

E-Commerce: Product Page Checklist

Have you done enough on your product pages to make the sale? Buying a product/service online is a totally different experience to buying the same product/service in an actual shop. For businesses with an e-commerce website, there are a 5 essentials to include on each of your product pages to ensure … [Read more...]