Market to Your Customers Online

We believe that fresh, personal content communicated to your customers regularly will generate customer loyalty and repeat sales for your business.

promote to customers online

Here are a few ways we can help you to market to your customers online…

Start with Great Content

Great content will keep people coming to your website, will keep them there for longer once they get there and will make you into the expert in your field. We find out about your business and your customers, then come up with ideas and a content strategy to maximise traffic and customer engagement with your website. Find out more…

Send a Monthly Email Newsletter

Worried people wont want to receive an email newsletter from you once a month? If you write well-researched, helpful content about topics your customers want to know more about, your newsletter  will reinforce your brand and engage your customers. We can create a content plan, write content and help you to segment your email list to send targeted email campaigns based on customers interests and demographics. Find out more…

Post Weekly Updates on Social Media

A huge percentage of your customers, local market and potential customers are on Facebook and other social media sites every day. This is therefore a great place for you to be with non-salesy, interesting visual content they will like and engage with. We can help you setup and manage your Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or YouTube account.  Find out more…

Pay For Online Advertising

If your business has a lot of competition, paid advertising can help you get ahead of the rest, especially if you are just starting out. Google Ads are shown to people who type certain keywords into Google. Facebook ads are shown to target audiences on Facebook. In both cases, you can decide who sees your ads. We can help you create ads for different target markets. Find out more…