Arcadia Online Shop

We have recently launched a website and online shop for Arcadia Earth selling a range of 100% natural remedies, tonics and beauty products.

As well as a Woocommerce shop, there is a product finder tool where you can detail your symptom and be taken to a page showing all the products which can help you. Kate has a blog to talk about her products as well as an events calendar and email newsletter.

Website Address:

Online Health Shop for Aracadia Earth

“When it was time to get a professional website, we decided to go with Creative Web Ideas, and we are so glad we did.  Jo is passionate about designing unique and well-rounded websites which cater specifically to you and your business.  We love the design she came up with for Arcadia Earth and many people say that it really reflects the feel of the business well.  Jo really listened and grasped what we needed, and came up with ideas that were spot on.  Very easy to work with, we were provided with action lists, guiding the information we needed to provide, which helped us get organised, and made the whole process very quick from start to finish.  The support has been amazing, and extra effort has been made to ensure that my website not only looks beautiful, but also gets traffic!  THANK YOU!”  Kate Hargis-Roycroft, Arcadia Earth 🙂



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