What is a Mobile Responsive Website?

mobile responsive designOn a mobile responsive website, everything is visible on screen at the right size to be read and clicked on, no matter what size the screen.

The best way to give all your website visitors the best possible experience on your site is to design your WordPress website with a mobile responsive theme. As opposed to a mobile plugin, you only design one theme and that design works on all screen sizes.  

If you look at your website statistics, you will see that more and more of your website visitors are viewing and using your website from a mobile device such as a tablet or phone.

On a non responsive website, a lot of the info will be hidden on the right hand side of the screen where you have to scroll across to find it, then zoom in and out to get the info to a size you can actually read it. Text is often too small to click on easily with your finger on touch screens. Filling in forms or shopping is really time consuming as you are scrolling across constantly to see info on the right side of the screen.

How Layout Changes for Smaller Screens


  • Your logo becomes smaller but still fills screen width
  • Contact info from the right side of your header drops under your logo
  • Your menu bar increases to 2 or 3 lines or changes to a button
  • slideshows shrink to fit screen width
  • sidebar drops under page content
  • Footer widgets display vertically under each other

NOTE: Many themes include a mobile responsive menu, where the menu bar changes to a graphic on small screens which expands to show menu when clicked on.

How to View Responsive Layouts

Not sure what your website looks like on different devices or screen sizes?

  1. Drag the corner of the website browser in and out to different sizes
  2. View the website on actual devices such as a phone or tablet
  3. Type your website address onto this page – http://www.studiopress.com/responsive/

Mobile Responsive and Search Engines

Mobile responsive websites rank higher on Google search results. Find out more…

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