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video marketing infographicDid you know that online video accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic?

It sounds unbelievable until you watch ‘young people’ searching the internet for info (on anything). Nine times out of ten, they either go directly to YouTube to search or click on the video results before any others.

google video results

I tend to go to websites first myself but find myself looking for video more and more to see more or find out more about a product or service before making a decision to purchase.

This post is the first in a series on video marketing with ideas, tips and case studies.

Making My Business Video

Although I often suggest video marketing to clients as an effective way to promote their products, in truth, the thought of being in front of a video camera talking about my own business has always terrified me. Recently I decided to face my fears and start promoting my business with a short monthly video.

To make things easier, I created a basic storyboard for my first video to introduce our website design service. The storyboard was basically a series of cards, each one with a short sentence or graphic on it showing the content and sequence of my video. I turned up on the day nervous and sweaty and it was so much better than I had expected.

video-marketing-joMy tips for a better video experience

  • Sit on a stool rather than stand and fidget
  • Keep it simple –  short sentences, straight to the point
  • Stick to one topic
  • Record one shot at a time (ask producer to read each card for you first)
  • Do something fun with graphics (I pointed to different spots so graphics could be overlaid later)
  • Keep it short (less than a minute is good)
  • Make sure your logo and website address/call to action are included

Promoting My Business Video

Now that I finally have a business video, I am going to make sure lots of people will see it. It will serve as a quick introduction to my business and to me (for customers who haven’t met me yet).

Where to Promote Your Business Video…

  • Add the business video to your website homepage
  • Upload video to your Facebook page
  • Add the video to your next email newsletter
  • Upload the video to your Linkedin Page
  • Upload the video to your YouTube Channel

And here it is!


If you’re ready to shoot a business video but not sure where to start, we can help you with ideas, storyboarding and production.

Talk to us about a one off business video or a series of videos as part of your monthly marketing. We can also host your video!

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