Mailchimp Social Cards for Newsletter Sharing

mailchimp social cardsIf you send an email newsletter regularly, sharing the newsletter on your various social media pages is a great way to make sure the content is seen by more people.

Use Mailchimp Social Cards to make sure your newsletter update tells people what the newsletter is about, giving them a reason to click on the link and find out more. You might even gain some new subscribers. More about using Mailchimp to send email newsletters…

Activate Mailchimp Social Cards

To display a beautiful, hand crafted post everytime your newsletter is shared on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, you need to activate Mailchimp Social Cards. This allows you to set an image, title and description to display on social media with your newsletter link. When working on a campaign, go to the Confirm tab and scroll down until you see Social Cards.

mailchimp social cards

Craft your custom newsletter update on the left. You can preview what your update will look like on different social media by selecting the different options on the left.

Share Your Newsletter

Automate by Linking Mailchimp to your Social Media Accounts

Every campaign you create using Mailchimp has it’s own unique url which will take people to an online version of your email campaign. By linking your Mailchimp account to your social media accounts, you can automatically create a social media update with a link to your newsletter automatically everytime you send a new campaign.


Paste Your Campaign URL Manually

Alternatively, paste the campaign’s unique url into Facebook or other pages to create the same effect. You will find the url for a campaign by going to the Campaigns tab after your campaign has sent. Select Social Share under the View Report arrow on the sent campaign and copy the archive link.

Encourage Others to Share

To encourage your newsletter subscribers to share your newsletter with their friends or on their own social media accounts, add a social share block to the top of your next newsletter campaign. You can decide which social media share buttons to include. The forward to a friend button is essential for every newsletter.

mailchimp social share buttons

Please get in touch for help with any aspect of your email newsletter. Happy sending!

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