Guide to Facebook Product Tagging

If you sell products online, the new Facebook product tagging and shop tab options are a fantastic opportunity to grow your online sales.

You can now add a shop tab to Facebook with as many products as you like and link each one to the matching product on your website for checkout. People visiting your page on either desktop or mobile device will see your products and can click through to the Facebook shop to see more.

Facebook Shop

facebook shop viewed on a desktop and mobile phone

Facebook Product Tagging

This is all great but the real beauty of the shop functionality is that it allows you to tag products in your Facebook posts.

On a post in a feed, this appears as small product tabs under your post but if the post image is clicked on, the product name tab will appear when you hover over the relevant part of the photo.

Options for Product Tagging

Option #1: Tag products on post before publishing

If your post includes multiple photos or you have created a slideshow, click on the tag products icon before you publish, add products one at a time and they will appear under your post linking to your shop.

facebook product tagging instructions

NOTE: If you tag products before publishing, you can also tag new products which aren’t in your shop.

Option #2: Tag products on photo after publishing

If your post is just one photo showing multiple products, publish your post, then click on the photo and click the tag products icon. You can click items on the photo and add the appropriate product (just like tagging people).

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