Google Analytics Reporting

Google Analytics Reports and remarketingNeed help figuring out which online visitors are the most engaged with your products and how to tailor your content and advertising for these customer groups?

We’ll review analytics on your website, e-newsletter and Facebook to find your most “engaged”customers. You then receive a customer profile for each of these groups with our recommendations for refining your website content and online promotions to increase sales and enquiries.

We can setup Google Adwords and Facebook advertising for you based on your Google Analytics report including remarketing campaigns shown to previous visitors to your website.

Google Analytics Services include…

  • Setting up your Google Analytics account
  • Creating custom dashboards and setting up a weekly email report
  • Setting up goals to track important page visits or events such as files downloaded and videos played
  • Setup Google Adwords based on what visitors to your website have viewed
  • Setup Google Adwords Dynamic Campaigns
  • Design graphics and setup Facebook advertising
  • Advanced Google Analytics reports including other sources such as email newsletters and social media

NOTE: Our Google Analytics services can be included in your monthly Digital Marketing Package or as a separate service.

To get started using this incredible data tool to improve your business, send us an email or give Jo a call on 021 853464.