Email Newsletter Content Ideas

email newsletter contentWorried you don’t have anything interesting enough to put in an email newsletter?

The best email newsletter content for your business will be unique to your business. Don’t just think about what you sell…think about other things your customers use and like. Become the expert they can rely on and give valuable information they can trust.

“The objective of an email newsletter is to turn your newsletter subscribers into customers and your customers into repeat customers.” 

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Here are some email newsletter content ideas and tips to make your newsletter click-worthy!

The Best Email Newsletters…

  • Add small amounts of content with a link to their website to read more
  • Use colourful buttons as a call to action. Eg. Buy Now
  • Use photos and graphics to grab attention and act as visual cues
  • Are mobile responsive so they can be read easily on any device
  • Include a mixture of value added content and product sales-type content
  • Include expert comments, explanations, suggestions
  • Use boxes, lines and background colours to separate blocks of content
  • Include address, open hours, contact details if relevant

Email Newsletter Ideas for Different Industries…

Retail Shop/Online Shop – new products, product specials, featured category of products (relate to an event, time of year or other theme), customer’s favourite products (include photo of customer and comments)

Real Estate Agency – current properties for sale, open homes, buying or selling advice, events and info on local communities, customer feedback, profile local businesses, interviews with locals

Business Expert – tutorials, suggested products, case studies (how customers use your products), articles, related technology, info-graphics, pdf manuals or cheatsheets, business profiles, product reviews

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