Automated E-Commerce Emails

If you have an online shop, we can link it to email newsletter software like Mailchimp, giving you lots of opportunities to communicate with your customers based on what they have purchased.

Automated e-commerce eamils to re-engage customersIf someone makes a purchase in your shop, their contact and purchase details are automatically added to your customer database in Mailchimp. Conversely, when you send an email newsletter and someone makes a purchase after clicking on a link in that newsletter, you will see this in your newsletter report.

Not only are you growing your email database, you also know exactly how much revenue each newsletter generates and which newsletters are the most effective.

Below are some of the automated e-commerce emails we can setup in Mailchimp to send to your customers and few examples.

Abandoned Cart Emails

Every time someone adds items to the cart on your shop but doesn’t check out, your shop sends these details to MailChimp. An automated email is then sent to the customer one or more days later with a friendly message, details of their cart and a button to checkout.  There could be an incentive to buy like a discount or information to make them feel more comfortable about purchasing such as a reminder of free shipping or excellent returns policy or great after sales customer support.

Purchase Follow-up Emails

When a customer makes a purchase, you send them a followup email with some additional product care information, a request to review the product or (after a bit of time has passed) some other recommended products. These types of automation can be setup on a per product basis, one follow up email for a category of products or a general followup email for any purchase.

VIP Customer emails

This is a way of rewarding your best customers who purchase regularly from your shop. You can set the conditions for when customers are considered best customers based on either number of orders, total spent, average spent per order etc. These customers are your VIPs and already believe in your product so are also more likely to tell people about your product and mention you on social media too.

Inactive Customer Emails

Also called re-engagement emails, these give customers who haven’t purchased from your shop for a while an incentive to come back. Perhaps a discount coupon or added value offer.”We haven’t seen you in a while…”. It is a great idea to include some recommended products which might catch their eye and is important to make sure the email isn’t pushy…keep the tone casual and light. As you can see below, humour and cute dog pics can work really well in these sorts of emails.

Targeted emails

These are not automated email as such but are a very effective e-commerce email marketing technique. This is where you create an email campaign/newsletter targeted and sent only to people who have purchases a specific product or a range of products. Eg. Create a newsletter about a new product added to a range and send a special email just to people who have bought from that range before. You can be more personal in these emails and offer incentives too. “We know you love….”.

Talk to us for help linking your online shop to Mailchimp and setting up automated emails to grow your online sales.