Make Your Website GDPR Compliant

On May 25, 2018, a new privacy regulation went into place in Europe with ramifications on how New Zealand businesses collect data.

If your business has a website with an enquiry form or online shop, or sends an email newsletter, then you are collecting data from the people visiting your website.

GDPR Website Compliance

What does the GDPR regulation mean?

The new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) protects European residents from unauthorized data collection by requiring their explicit consent. If data is being collected and stored, the individual providing the information needs to be aware of it and give permission before any action is taken. As well as providing permission to collect data, the GDPR requires that users are able to request access to their data and have it removed if requested.

How does this affect NZ businesses?

If you do business with customers in Europe, this law will affect your New Zealand business immediately. This could be selling to people via an online shop or sending newsletters to people in European countries. Even if you don’t currently do any business with Europe, we think it’s is a good idea to start thinking about making your website and online marketing compliant so you are ready for the future.

gdpr and online formsMaking your website GDPR compliant

Below are our suggestions on adjustments to make on your website in order to comply.

  1. Privacy Page – Create a privacy page outlining why and how you collect and store data.
  2. Online Forms – Add a permission checkbox to your all your online forms (and a link to your privacy page).
  3. Online Shop – Add info and links to your privacy page on your online shop.
  4. Checkout Page – Add a permission checkbox to your online checkout if you want to add customers to a newsletter database.
  5. Email Newsletter – Add a link to your privacy page on your email newsletter and sign up form.
  6. Analytics – Add information about any analytics plugins used on your website.
  7. Stored Data – Include info on your Privacy page on how to request that stored data is removed.

How We Can Help with GDPR

If the thought of making your website GDPR compliant is completely overwhelming, we can help create and customise your privacy page as well as adding permissions checkboxes and links in all the relevant places.

Give us a call or email to get your website sorted today!

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