Creative Web Ideas and the Floating Church

My first real job was with a Japanese tour company. While working there, something crazy happened which changed my way of thinking forever.

The evolution of a great ideaPicture this… you’re in a meeting room and it’s not going well. The clients are not impressed and the sale is slipping through your fingers. You’re feeling anxious and a wee bit clammy.

What would you do at this point? Panic, give up, maybe even beg?

Here’s what happened to me…

Out of the blue, my boss started pitching a venue: a floating church in the middle of the city’s harbour, perfect for Japanese weddings. The only problem? He was making the whole thing up.

The clients were delighted, the deal was closed and a tour date was set for 3 months time.

What did I take from that meeting? I learnt that creativity and thinking on your feet, taking your client’s needs and putting them first, will win every time. Thinking outside of the square – in fact, thinking outside of reality – can open up a world of opportunity. This is the spirit of Creative Web Ideas, it’s where it all began and we’re still surprising clients with our creative (sometimes crazy) ideas!

And that floating church? We got it built!