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E-Commerce Websites

We create e-commerce websites for New Zealand businesses which are easy for visitors to use on any device. You can have a custom designed website with standard pages, a blog, forms, galleries AND an e-commerce shop all in the same place. Your online shop categories and products can be prominent on … [Read more...]

Mailchimp Social Cards for Newsletter Sharing

If you send an email newsletter regularly, sharing the newsletter on your various social media pages is a great way to make sure the content is seen by more people. Use Mailchimp Social Cards to make sure your newsletter update tells people what the newsletter is about, giving them a reason to click … [Read more...]

Website Personalisation

Website personalisation is about sending different groups of potential customers to different parts of your website or showing them different versions of your website. If you are spending time and money on online marketing such as email newsletters, Google Adwords and social media, sending everyone … [Read more...]

Push Notifications – A New Way to Reach Your Customers

Push notifications are the little messages which pop up on your phone or on your desktop alerting you to something new which you have asked to be notified about. You are probably receiving push notifications everyday and didn't even realise that there was a name for them. Some great examples of web … [Read more...]

E-Commerce: Product Page Checklist

Have you done enough on your product pages to make the sale? Buying a product/service online is a totally different experience to buying the same product/service in an actual shop. For businesses with an e-commerce website, there are a 5 essentials to include on each of your product pages to ensure … [Read more...]

Usability: The Most Important Test for Your Website

So your new website looks great, you’re happy with the content and photos and all your staff have looked through and given their ok. You would probably think at this point that you are ready to go live but actually, the most important step is still to come…website usability testing. What is … [Read more...]

Facebook Advertising Options

Facebook advertising is an extremely cost-effective way to get your products and services in front of a targeted audience. There are different types of ads you can create to either increase likes and engagement on your page or to drive traffic to your website.Your advertising budget can be as … [Read more...]

Infographics for Online Marketing

Infographics are information but presented in a very visual way. You can use them to explain a product or service, present ideas or statistics or just to summarise an event/workshop. I created the infographic on the right as a visual checklist for optimising a page on your website. Infographics … [Read more...]

Mailchimp E-Newsletter Guide

  Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save … [Read more...]

Who are Your Engaged Customers?

Engaged customers are the people with the most potential to make you money but how do you know who they are when your business is online?   Use analytics on your website, e-newsletter and … [Read more...]