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Google Local Search: Get on the Map

If your business relies on local customers, creating and updating your "Google My Business" listing will ensure that your business appears on a map along with your competitors. When you search for a service or activity based business on a mobile phone, Google picks up your location … [Read more...]

How Content Marketing Brings you Traffic

Content marketing starts with fresh content on your website relating to your business or topic of expertise. Case Study: Coastal Holiday Homes Coastal Holiday Homes customers are people wanting to stay in beautiful Northland for a holiday. It follows that they will also be wanting somewhere … [Read more...]

Google Shopping Boosts Online Sales

If you have an online shop, you know that you need to be actively marketing your shop via customer email newsletters and social media to drive customers to your website. However, if the majority of your customers are starting with a google search, wouldn't it be better if they saw your products … [Read more...]

Secure Your Website with HTTPS

If you've logged in to your website lately to make updates, you may have noticed a message stating that your connection is not secure. If this is happening, your website probably has the standard http in front of the website address. What is HTTPS? Websites with https have an extra layer of … [Read more...]

Guide to Facebook Product Tagging

If you sell products online, the new Facebook product tagging and shop tab options are a fantastic opportunity to grow your online sales. You can now add a shop tab to Facebook with as many products as you like and link each one to the matching product on your website for checkout. People visiting … [Read more...]

Capsule Best CRM for Small Business

Capsule CRM is Customer Relationship Management software to help you manage your customers and customer communications. Is your desk covered in folders and dozens of notes to call people, lists of things to do and general chaos? Content relationship management software like CapsuleCRM keeps … [Read more...]

Mobile Website Checklist

It's is very important for your website to work seamlessly on a mobile phone as well as a desktop computer. "Depending on the industry you are in, over 50% of people visiting your website, could be using a mobile phone." Mobile visitors tend to be in more of a hurry, maybe en-route somewhere and … [Read more...]

Weekly Website Analytics

Do you have trouble remembering to login to Google Analytics each week or struggle to find the right sections to get the information you need? "Business owners who keep an eye on their website analytics have a much better overview of how well their website and digital marketing is working." I … [Read more...]

2016 Digital Marketing Trends

Last week I flew 12 hours to Seattle to attend Mozcon, a renowned digital marketing conference with marketing agencies and large businesses from all over the world. There were a few recurring themes I took from the conference which will change the way you use your website and promote your … [Read more...]

Making Business Video

Did you know that online video accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic? It sounds unbelievable until you watch 'young people' searching the internet for info (on anything). Nine times out of ten, they either go directly to YouTube to search or click on the video results before any others. I … [Read more...]