Capsule Best CRM for Small Business

Capsule CRM is Customer Relationship Management software to help you manage your customers and customer communications.

Capsule is the best crm for small businessIs your desk covered in folders and dozens of notes to call people, lists of things to do and general chaos?

Content relationship management software like CapsuleCRM keeps all your customer communications, files, invoices and important notes in the one place. Search a customer name or a project and emails, tasks and files are all in front of you in a second. Link your CapsuleCRM account to your website forms to create a new record and followup tasks for new enquiries, link to Xero to view invoices in each customer record and link to Mailchimp to send professional email newsletters to any group of customers.

CapsuleCRM is also available as an app so you can have everything at your fingertips wherever you are.

Use CapsuleCRM if you want to…

  1. Keep everything on your customers in one place
  2. Manage your customer communications better
  3. Manage staff interactions with customers better
  4. Manage meetings and tasks for each customer
  5. Manage your leads and turn them into customers

Why Capsule is Best CRM…

CapsuleCRM is great for small businesses because it is easy to use and inexpensive but has all the functionality you need as well as being easy to customise for your specific requirements.

  • Manage your contacts and their history
  • Share customer files with relevant staff and colleagues
  • Categorise your contacts with searchable tags for easy filtering or create lists. Eg. Customers
  • Save emails to the contact record by cc’ing special capsule email address
  • Add meetings to calendar and assign to a staff member and link to a contact
  • Set tasks and assign to staff – mark completed or add notes
  • Create repeat tasks
  • Attach documents and files to customer record
  • Filter contacts or create lists and send emails via Mailchimp
  • Link to your clients social media and follow their updates inside CapsuleCRM

Talk to us for help setting up CapsuleCRM or import your contacts and get started yourself at

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